Our History

Abyss was developed in South Korea in the 90s as a premium car audio brand.

Back in the day, Abyss started with various models, the MFA 7 and A Class being their most popular  consumer models.

Along with a few other models, Abyss was the brand that audiophiles all over the world would dream of and pray they could find them in their local market.

Abyss went onto develop their insanely high end line and named it the Zelos line up.

Abyss mostly kept to the asian markets ( Japan and Indonesia ) as these were the markets that were obsessed with Hi- Fi systems, a demand that Abyss could easily meet.

In the early 2000s, there was a big conflict with a US Based company that so happened to have identical amplifiers to Abyss.

Lets call this company Brand X.

So let us clarify once and for all what happened:

The owner of Brand X was of Korean Descent who was residing in the USA. As such, being able to speak the language, he had inside knowledge of Abyss's capabilities in Korea as well.

Abyss was contracted to build amplifiers for Brand X for sales in the US market. During that time, there was no facebook and broadband internet was expensive and uncommon.

When the American market found out about Abyss bearing identical resemblance to Brand X, questions were asked.

Abyss kept quiet but Brand X slammed Abyss fast and hard, stating Abyss was a cheap chinese immitation of Brand X.

Abyss cancelled all OEMing dealings with Brand X and went on their way to develop amplifiers.

Brand X moved in a different direction, moving production in the US. The Non- Abyss built Brand X Amplifiers were never as good as the Abyss built amplifiers and Brand X faded into the shadows down the road.

So that is the story :)

Abyss continued to develop their high end line under the Zelos branding till in 2011, after Asia was hit with the financial crisis, Abyss built its last amplifiers and said goodbye to the car audio industry.

In 2013, the new owner of Abyss bought over what was left of the company and revived the brand. Abyss has been working behind the scenes ever since then and it is now time for the legend to rise again.